About us

SNH Corp is one among the privatized firm which has subsidiarity into various sub companies that serve its customer with numerous goods and services.

It was started with the concept of tourism industry from the year 2018, and gently moved its operation into Matrimony, E-Markets and Pooja services, it also aims to lend its hand in many sectors in the future.

We as the company prioritize quality & reliability of goods and services that move towards the end users. We are specialized in serving the essential goods and services that connect expressions with emotions of the consumers, and we love serving quality and reliable goods and services.

SNH corp was incorporated because it felt that there was a widened gap between the perception and expectation of the consumer in the various essential goods and service segments , so that led to the incubation of SNH Corp so that it can fix the widened gap of perception and expectation of the consumers, and it leads to enhancement of delight in goods and services.

Our Mission

In the coming decade, we focus on stepping the ladder where customers recognize the brand, and they impulsively purchase our goods and services to every customer associated.

Our Vision

Our honesty , Reliability & quality goods and services creates a healthy and competitive environment and focus to move towards six sigma growth of the company and also it concentrates on computing itself into various segments and uplifting its growth for the society , country and environment at large.